Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holy Jesus!

As many of you know, in addition to R17 I also maintain another blog, Kim Jung Fun, on Tumblr.

It's not so much a blog, as it is a showcase for odd PR pictures coming out of the DPRK. I like to give them silly captions.

Some people play paddleball.
Others knit quilts.
This is what I do.

As social media goes, Tumblr is quite unique. I still don't have the hang of it but I make a habit of following anyone who has taken the trouble to follow Kim Jung Fun. And so, unlike R17, the people in my Tumblr crowd are all strangers. They post strange pictures. Including the questionable light switch above.

It goes without saying that I've always been fascinated with Jesus paraphernalia.

Years ago, I ran across novelty Jesus Sport statues. And though I've never been a big hockey fan, decided I needed to have this:

I photographed the statue in front of some personal property to prove I actually own this piece of art and didn't just screen grab it off the Internet. Although I'm sure it's hard to believe those two beautiful little girls belong to me.

Why hockey, you may be asking.

Well, I found it interesting that while Jesus could walk on water, when the water was frozen, he needed skates just like Gordy Howe. Here, the Almighty One delivers a brutal hip check to the Ginger skating for the red team.

Naturally, all this sent me on an Internet Jesus Chase where I found this monstrosity:

Jesus Christ, what were the people in this South Florida church thinking?

I know, that's a bit of an oxymoron, as many of you have already jumped ahead, people in South Florida don't do a lot of thinking. But don't jump too far ahead.

Because the only thing more shocking than the construction of this audacious monstrosity was its inevitable demise. Make sure you stick around until 1:31. If this country were to elect a woman for President, Sandy Smith would get my vote.

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