Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Barber of Culverville

Yesterday I far exceeded my average word count, so today I will be mercifully shorter. And hopefully funnier, as it also appears I got on a bit of a soapbox.

It has been years since I've sat in a barber's chair. Last time I went, a visit to Cliff's Salon/Saloon included a Jack Daniels on ice and a free viewing of Lawrence of a Labia. Cliff had little regard for the health code ordinances regarding the operation of a barber shop and made a habit of serving alcohol and showing porn on his new DVD player.

Since then, my hairline has receded all the way to my shoulder blades and I have been able to cut my own hair. What's good for man, I reasoned, is good for man's best friend.

Well as it turns out, buzzing my own head and taking the clippers to my thick-coated retriever/shepherd are two different things. The resulting mangey look (see above) was not a big hit with the Siegel ladies.

Fortunately the grooming shop is within walking distance to my house and I was able to get Nelly the appropriate tonsorial triage...

Lesson learned.

Animal hygiene is not a DIY project. Something to keep in mind six months from now, when Nelly will need to have to her anal glands expressed.

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