Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Suck it Sanchez

Last week CNN fired one of its anchors Rick Sanchez, after he had made some disturbing anti-Semitic remarks regarding Jon Stewart and the media industry. Apparently Rick wasn't too happy about the progress of his career and attributed the stagnation to some grand conspiracy of the Jewish Media owners who are trying to keep down minorities.

Really Rick? Because apart from your Hispanic surname, I assumed you were one of the white guys who have benefitted from decades, no centuries, worth of white guy superiority.

Maybe the reason your career is not where it should be has something to do with the fact that you once referred to Obama as a cotton-picking president. Or that you are unable to identify Hawaii on a map.

I don't know and I don't care.

Of course, Rick did correctly point out that many Jews are employed in the media industry.

To which I say, so what? Turns out Jews are good at telling stories and engaging the audience. Have you heard of a little thing called The Bible? Only the best selling book, Ever.

Movies, TV, radio, largely a construct of Jewish imagination. Would you prefer to live in a world without these media outlets? I suppose we could have all gone into dentistry. But it wouldn't have been long before someone would've railed against the Worldwide Jewish Dentistry Domination.

Apart from the rantings of the Aryan Nation, I've never heard anyone complain about how the NBA or NFL is dominated by African Americans. Nor do I hear a peep about how the oil industry is sole domain of rich, white WASPS.

Why then should it bother folks that so many Jews are in media?

I know for sure it's not about us pumping out a single agenda. Like every other ethnicity, we do not speak, act or vote as a monolithic block. In fact, to the contrary we Jews are more fractured than most.

To wit, David Ben Gurion (FYI Rick, he was the former Israeli Prime minister) once noted,
"for every two Jews there are three opinions."

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