Monday, October 11, 2010

Brett Favre, Brett Favre, Brett Favre

Who is that guy in the pickup truck delivering an oh-so-natural testimonial about his Real. Comfortable. Jeans.?

If you're a football fan, you know it's Brett Favre, the should've-retired-a-year ago quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. But if you didn't recognize the grizzled, greying 40-year old, well the folks who put this lame excuse for a commercial together are more than happy to identify the geezer.

Not only is Brett willing to shill on behalf of Wrangler he's given them an autograph. And to make sure you see that autograph, the Wrangler marketing genii have sandwiched his autograph between two supers.

On top you have the all caps version that simply reads BRETT FAVRE. And below the autograph, a smaller super in the initial cap version, that reads Brett Favre for Wrangler Jeans.

That's an awful lot of Brett Favre for one frame of film.

Which naturally begs the question: If I, the jeans-wearing consumer do not recognize Brett right away and I need the supers to identify the spokesmouth, why would I care what brand of pants he chooses to wear?

Moreover, even if I do know who he is, why should I care?


Dean Morrison/John Dondey said...

A product attribute that wasn't developed in the commercials was the easy open fly, a little extra room in the front, makes getting a camera in there pretty easy.

Rich Siegel said...


You mean like this: