Thursday, October 7, 2010


Two weeks I recounted the story of the freaky Jesus painting I had discovered in Littlerock, CA.
The imagery of the painting had been gnawing at me, so in what can only described a foolish flight of fancy, I filled my travel mug up with some dark Columbian Roast coffee and made the 90-minute trip to the Pearblossom Highway.

I returned to Mica's Restaurant, home of the High Desert Pork Burrito and entered into some serious negotiation with the painting's owner -- Mica.

She wanted $100 for the Jesus in a Jesus painting, but I Jewed her down to 75. (Oh come on I had to use that particular phrase. On the delicious irony scale of one to ten, that's an 11.)

Upon the advice of my buddy Paul, I also took time to visit Charlie Brown's Farms in Littlerock, a fascinating store with all manner of tchotchke. In fact, I spent 2 jaw-dropping hours combing the store --actually it's more like 6-7 tiny stores cobbled together under some jerry-rigged aluminum roofing.

That's when I ran across this interesting assortment of World War II memorabilia:

From all accounts these were actual medals worn by actual Nazis. I could feel the hairs on my back rising.

I didn't buy anything from behind the locked glass display. But like the painting, these badges of butchery are gnawing at me as well. And given my impulsive inclinations, who knows, I may be back in Littlerock in the very near future.

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laurenne said...

I always wondered how Jesus watches all of us all the time. Nobody ever told me it's because he has so many eyes. I get so much clarity from your blog.