Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I like children. Fried.

"Hey! You kids. Turn off that loud humming. What is it with you and that damn chanting? And you, didn't you wear that Tye-Dye shirt yesterday and the day before? Your mother and I work all day to pay for the food, the electricity, the water, and all the appliances. You could put a load in the washing machine once in while so you don't have to wear the same ratty clothes day after day. You smell like a Pakistani day worker on his way home on the 7:51 train to Gujranwala. Speaking of work, why don't put down your mantra's, grab a shovel and plastic bag and start picking the damn oil off the beach? That Gulf isn't gonna clean itself, Mister. And you're not waiting until Lucita the housekeeper comes next Thursday. Are you listening to me?"

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plaidbus said...

How's the water in the deep end?