Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot Monkey Love

Last week it was reported that Taliban militia had been training macaques and baboons to fire AK-47 machine guns at American soldiers.

This latest strategic move makes a lot of sense, particularly in light of the recruitment difficulties currently facing these Islamic extremists.

Seems it's not so easy to attract local farmers and villagers to play for the Taliban team. Human Afghanis' don't care for the practice of poisoning children, executions by stoning, and the very confusing practice of bombing one's own mosque.

So, unable to lure Homo Sapiens to the tempting tenets of Sharia law, the Taliban have set their sights lower on the evolutionary chain.

After all, with their diminished IQ's and their gift for mimicry, monkeys are the perfect species to follow in the brainwashed mentality of submission.

I'm just wondering whether, in the name of modesty and in accordance with the Hadith, female monkeys will soon be required to wear the burka; which may result in some very embarrassing dating situations.

Or, maybe not.


Claudia Caplan said...

Reminds me of our chimp spot...they could have been Taliban.

Ellen November said...

Rich, I'm still recovering from Pebblez, I'm not sure I'm ready for monkeys with guns.
I'm still wondering, do you think Pebblez had some padding added or am I naive? Usually a big ass is accompanied by a thick waist.