Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For better or for worse

Right now, a mailroom clerk at CNN headquarters in Atlanta is sifting through thousands of Thank You cards sent in from married men all across America. OK, that's not exactly true. Many of the Thank You's came via e-mail.

The story, in case you missed it, was about best selling author Holly Hill and her contention that controlled infidelity can actually strengthen a marriage. It was, according the CNN analytics, one of the most viewed stories of the week.

Can't say I'm surprised. But with all due respect to Ms. Hill, the idea is hardly new.

Years ago, during one of our semi-weekly get togethers of henpecked husbands and frazzled fathers, we gave this matter the serious thought it deserved. In a flash of delusional brilliance, known only to writers with a drawer full of unsold scripts, we came up with National Infidelity Day -- 24 hours of guilt-free, consequence-free, alimony-free promiscuity.

We talked about how it could stop wars, end road rage, create jobs and generate billions in additional revenue. All of a sudden Hallmark would have a brand new category. We even picked out the perfect date for National Infidelity Day -- August 14th. 6 months after Valentine's Day (a day of pre-fabricated romance) and 6 months before Valentine's Day.

Plus, August is one of the few months on the calendar without a nationally recognized holiday.

The idea was gaining a full head of steam. We pictured ourselves getting out of advertising and TV, creating websites and Facebook applications, collecting licensing fees, going on Oprah, etc.
But then Jim, the more level headed among us, asked a very pointed question, a question that prompted us to resume the bowling and the beer drinking and shelve the whole notion of National Infidelity Day...

"Do our wives get to celebrate too?"

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