Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Mahmoud

Just watched a video of an Israeli rescue team pull a man from under the rubble of a fallen building in Haiti.

Seems the Israelis have a unique expertise in this area thanks to the many suicide bombings of the late 90's.

I was reminded of the massive earthquake in Iran back in 2005. Despite the huge political differences amongst the two countries, the evil "Zionist Entity" offered to send rescue teams to Teheran.

Of course the short-sighted Iranian government, which recently chided its soccer minister for sending a holiday greeting card to a Jew, declined the humanitarian offer.

I can't help but wonder how many innocent Iranians died, not at the hands of their Zionist enemy, but because they were denied the hand of the Zionist enemy?

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Claudia said...

"Innocent Iranians." Interesting turn of phrase. I was watching CNN and they were interviewing a doctor in a portable field hospital in Haiti manned entirely by Israelis. Obvious from the doctor's accent and uniform that he was Israeli (obvious to me anyway), but he and his group were never identified as such.