Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I won't twitter

I've watched the twitter phenomena for several months now. And I've been tempted to jump on the tweetwagon, if only to give potential employers the impression that I am "up" on current technology.

But, if I were to twitter, I'd want to do something different. As deft as I might consider myself with the written word, there's no way I could make meaningful hay out of my daily breakfast choices or my latest Scrabble triumphs.

No, if I were to twitter, it would have to be something unique, something personal, something that was true to my heart. As well as my small intestine.

I had an epiphany.

But it did not last long. I went online and discovered that somebody had already beaten me to the pungent punch...

But, it turns out that even the genius who carved out his particular niche in the methane-sphere has been trumped by a man who has married the magic of algorithms with the latest advances in office furniture:

And frankly, there's no topping that.


laura l. sweet said...

You're being humble, Rich. If anyone could make meaningful hay out of their daily breakfast choices or their latest Scrabble triumphsin a scant 140 characters, you could.

wikibranding said...

Rich - I agree most posts are inane blather. But you may be missing the real benefit of Twitter. Here's what I learned about it: http://www.wikibranding.net/2009/03/publish-or-perish.html

Rich Siegel said...

Thanks Laura.
Point taken, David.
However I still believe, as one writer put it, that "twitter will be the acid-washed jeans of the Internet."

Faithfully Un-tweeting,