Monday, October 5, 2009

Go Mounties!

Recently I've made Facebook contact with several former Mounties who also went to Suffern High School, a long, long time ago. That's the real beauty of FB. It allows for the brief, casual exchange of digital small talk without the awkward reunions and or the excessive numbing of Xanax and Knob Creek.

And if I'm to be honest, it is quite fascinating to see where people have netted out in life: who sells life insurance, who lost all their hair, who married 6 times, who lives next door to a Hometown Buffet.

Of course there's also the schadenfreude of discovering those 'special' classmates, who it turns out, peaked in life somewhere between 3rd Period Sophomore English and 8th Period Biology.

Most of the time when I receive a Facebook friend request from a high school alumni, the name rings a bell. If it doesn't, I whip out the old Panorama yearbook. But last week I got a friend suggestion from Regina Thunderpussy. You'd think I'd recall a girl with a name like Regina, but I don't.

I do recall that the math teachers liked to seat us in alphabetical order. Maybe Ms. Thunderpussy sat right behind me in Trigonometry. Or, maybe she didn't.

Can anyone help?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I seem to recall that I sat behind you in school...Regina must have sat BEHIND me.

Rich Siegel said...

You may be correct Mary Ann Suckpole.