Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Serenity Now

Hell is not a destination.

Hell is a journey.

More specifically, the 53-mile journey from Culver City to Irvine, California on the 405 freeway.

I know this because I did that commute for two and a half years of my life.

If only I had the benefit of Traffic Calming Info.
(I might have re-phrased it for syntax purposes and called it Calming Traffic Info.)

Nevertheless, had this resource been available to me, perhaps I would not have needed to chow down on little blue Xanax pills like they were Tic-Tacs.

When life gets frustrating or when I'm leaving the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, I picture myself on one of those long, hellish slogs through Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa and the always-thick South Bay Curve.

And I take long deep breaths reminding myself that at one time I was just "one Sig Alert" away from becoming the next Ted Bundy.

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