Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Are you high?

Never in my life did I think that weed and work would meet at the corner of Invoice Blvd. and Paycheck Avenue.

Let's back the VW bus a bit.

During my high school and college days, it would have been impossible or at least a rare day when "I wasn't holding" or that I didn't go to work high. Being stoned definitely took the edge off the many menial jobs I held to stave off the bursar from Syracuse University.

When I was stuffing tacos, I was stoned.

When I was mowing yards, I was stoned.

When I was digging ditches, I was stoned.

When I was bartending, I was stoned. (and drunk)

When I was driving a forklift, I was stoned.

When I was babysitting, I was stoned. Come on, those bratty kids were already sleeping, there was one TV, with 5 channels, and the couch was all lumpy and had a spring bursting through the cushion.

Then I grew up and started applying my oversized nose to the grindstone. I stopped cold turkey. The corporate world of advertising was no place for recreational drugs, I naively believed.

Fast forward to 2018 and weed has been NORMLized.

Not only decriminalized but legalized in many states, including my own, California. Not only is their a dispensary on every corner. There's a billboard, outdoor transit board and a bus shelter poster advertising for every dispensary on every corner.

It's all over the place.

A couple of months ago I fielded a job inquiry from a cannabis company that had been reading RoundSeventeen and was interested in having me write for their super-dank niche blog. That opportunity went up in smoke when they heard my day rate.

Even my barter-reduced day rate.

More recently, there's a company right here in Culver City looking to add a VP Creative Director to the staff. As I've stated on many occasion, I'm not looking for a staff thing.

However as a student and self professed master of the meta-arts, I am intrigued about the possibility of getting paid to get high. And, even more intriguing, is the notion of getting high and writing about getting high.

Oh and getting paid as well.

1 comment:

Sepp Becker said...

If you weren't high the article would not have open ended like that.

I'm very dependent on smoking everyday. I have recognized all the bad things in my life and connected
it back to weed. Going stoned to work seemed like a good idea 3 years ago until I waisted $30 000 in startup funds
not getting a single episode of the ground after 6 months of chasing shadows. i have to live with that everyday. I managed
not to stuff up my opportunities again after that but its been a struggle.

You shouldn't really smoke, I shouldn't really be smoking, I can loose everything i have worked for in the last year including the
love of my life. Micheal Phelps said you are mor at risk when you have everything going for you then when you have nothing going
for you.

I'm experiencing long term effects of heavy prolonged use. I get heavy paranoia, negative thoughts, thinking someone wants to kill me, or that people close to me is secretly trying to abandon me. I don't have the apatite I used to have, My thought patterns are rebellious.

The mind is fragile, if you amplify your synapsis and the stream of impulses is running at turbo everyday for year,,,, that signal between your synapsis become very weak without weed. You struggle to concentrate on the sound of the tv and your wife's voice and your cellphone. You feel like you want to explode because theres only room for so much impulses running through your damaged synapsis.

Now Imagine an entire fucking generation with short rebellious tempers struggling to focus on logic and school work and and how much they hate society at the same time. Instagram will only get bigger and bigger and the people on it will only stupider and stupider smoking weed out of small pipes and twerking in front of a mirror.

They say weed has medicinal properties, heroine and cocaine also have medicinal properties, does that make it right?

I think weed is cool, but the culture behind it nowadays advocates more then just social use, it advocates daily use and that my friend is what wil shape a nation.

I'm going back to the real world now trying to pretend that i'm in control which I'm not.