Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Money, Money, Money Part 2

Ever find yourself driving through a hoity-toity neighborhood, admiring the fancy cars, the well-sculpted topiaries, the top of the line electronic surveillance cameras, and think to yourself, "What do these people do for living? Are they lawyers? Are they in finance? Are they in the entertainment industry?"

The answer is No.
I'll tell you what they do.

They make their money. By you not making yours. They grift. They scam. They wield their collective power to bully politicians to serve their interest to the detriment of all others.

And there's no better example of all this that the recently introduced "tax reform" plan put forth by the house.

Precedent Shitgibbon wanted to call it The Cut, Cut, Cut Tax Plan. Only because it was deemed that The Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Working People Out Of Their Hard Earned Cash Plan was too wordy. And honest.

Before we tackle some of the specifics, I find myself asking, why at this point do we even need to turn the apple cart over? The unemployment rate is at 4.1% -- it was 4.7% when Shitgibbon took over. The stock market is at an all time high. And corporate earnings have never been better. So with the economy booming -- and by the way, that started in 2010 -- one has to wonder why the fish brained fuckknuckle in charge wants to do any course correction?

The answer is, as it has always been, GREED.

Small businesses, you remember them from the campaign trail, hate the new tax plan, which favors large business and offers no tax relief for mom and pop enterprises. The National Federation of Independent Business came out squarely against the bill.

So has the real estate industry.

Because the bill would eliminate any tax deductions for mortgages over $500,000. That's not going to affect Cletus the coal miner in West Virginia, but it takes money right out of my pocket, and probably yours, and puts it right in the hands of the Acme Carcinogen Company -- Stimulating cancer cells since 1971.

The bill also wants to eliminate any interest deductions for college student loans. Yeah, why would we want to incentivize higher education? Especially when the luxury boxes at Arrowhead Stadium needs to be updated with the new microfiber couches and the latest 4K TV's.

Come on 'Murica, lets get our priorities in order.

Finally there's the Estate Tax. President Bonespurs wants to call it the Death Tax, so it has a more egalitarian feel and applicable to Joe Sixpack and Betty Bag of McMuffins, but make no mistake it's an Estate Tax and is important to folks leaving close to $12 million behind.

That ain't me.
And it probably ain't you.
But as I stated above that's how they make their money.

If you hadn't guessed it's got my undies in a bunch with a thorny Full Nelson on my testes.

We're gonna pay more, so that when Thurston Howell VII leaves a $100 million yacht to Thurston Howell VIII, he doesn't have to pay any.


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