Thursday, November 16, 2017

If it's Thursday I must be lazy.

As some of you have noticed I have pulled the plug on my reverse scam series that I had been running on consecutive Thursdays. Some of you are lamenting the loss. Some are considerably more thankful. No one is more relieved than my wife, who no longer has to field the persistent questions...

"How could you have married that sick man?"

I'm feeling a little lazy these, and frankly under-appreciated, so in order to cut down on my Roundseventeen writing chores, I'm going to default to my suspect photojournalistic skills and publish a random selection of pics found on my iPhone.

My iPhone is always with me, whether I'm hiking up the stairs in Culver City or even in my garage committing myself to the Beachbody Body Beast program (my arms are reaching Matt Bogen proportions, by the way) so there will never be a shortage of crappy, meaningless photos.

Like these...

This one says so much about the failure of people to take any responsibility. 
And the fucked up status of our country.

This one says the same thing, only better.

"Eat Me" has always been one of my favorite catchphrases. 
Ever since Animal House.

This is from a kitschy souvenir shop in Little Rock, CA. 
My daughter picked it out and I'm so proud of her.

Found plastered to a garbage can in Little Tokyo, a fun night of revelry with Tom Saputo.

From the "I Should've Been An Artist" Collection.

In between Incline Shoulder Press and Progressive Hammer Curls, 
I found this guy atop my medicine ball.

The inimitable Gary V.

Hard to believe that at one time everyone on the block dreamed of driving one of these.

We don't say Cali.

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