Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The War of Words (and pictures)

If you've been anywhere near Linkedin lately and you have even the slightest affiliation with someone in the ad business, you know that tensions are high between Erik Moe (part time aluminum siding salesman/part time sad clown/part time freelance copywriter) and myself (the youngest, strongest and busiest freelance copywriter south of the St. Lawrence River.)

The battle has been pitched.

My Midwestern foe has even enlisted the help of any outside ad agency, Derision of Stapler, who desperate for attention, are now coat-tailing off the good Rich Siegel name.

To be completely honest, the latest escalation blindsided me. And forced me to go where I was reluctant to go before -- the online face manipulating generators.

However, and I don't know if Erik or his colleagues at Mission of Seder can actually read, they should know that these cheap internet-based photo re-arrangers are simply the first arrows in my arsenal of weaponry.

If the fiery rhetoric continues to rage on and this spat goes to the next level, so will I.

Or in the vernacular of our esteemed Precedent Shitgibbon, "Little Rocket Woman (Erica) will suffer the consequences when I unleash power the likes of which this world has never seen before. Believe me."

That goes for his pals at Collision of Quaker.

It's my sincere hope that this warning might somehow ease the tensions that are now at DefCon 2. And perhaps even bring the warring parties to the table. Though, this should in no way be seen as a capitulation or the extension of an olive branch.

That will have to come from the weaker side.

Suffice to say, this acrimony need not go on. Let's just declare me the winner and be done with it.

In fact, should Erik/Erika provide the proper conciliation, I would even consider sharing the spoils of victory. You see in another unexpected turn of events, I've just been handed the account for Dr. Ronnie's Anti-Fungal Toe Restoring Ointment. That's gonna keep me busy disrupting the toe fungal remedy category.

Turns out this magical liniment also works wonders on slow healing foot lacerations. And that's where Erik/Erika can come in.

Those open wound email blasts are not going to write themselves.

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