Thursday, December 7, 2017

Today in Random Photopourri

As I mentioned earlier in the week, these are quite busy times. Which is good, because I have some making up to do. I know thanks to deregulation and our increased reliance on coal, the economy is booming. Sadly however those boom times have not trickled down to advertising.

And if revenue doesn't pick up in 2018 I may be forced to sell my Gulfstream V, despite the generous new federal subsidies.

Fingers crossed.

In any case, we're foregoing the writing and making with the photos.

From the deep phone archives, my daughter teaching me how to dance. 
I think this was from the Bat Mitzvah circuit 2009.

It's a Rich Seagull. Get it?

On the way to the top of FlatIron 1.
Boulder, Colorado at its best.

My youngest daughter is fascinated by Guy Fieri.
I find POTUS, equally repulsive. Hence.

Why yes that is a woman wearing a Jiffy pop container as a hat.

Could not sell one of these on the inter webs.

From the Summer of 2017.
Or it could have been last week.
They're all the same.

Soviet Space Dogs. Google it.

Authentic Kenyan beer, from the worst Kenyan restaurant in all of America.

23andMe says this woman is a cousin. 
I don't see the family resemblance.

I think there's more resemblance here.

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Unknown said...

I was once told Tusker was a Hemingway favorite. It contains alcohol, so I was apt to believe the claim.