Thursday, August 31, 2017

Call In Sick of This Shit

Over the past two weeks, perhaps because of my relentless Internet memes, I've been deluged with emails.

Some from friends.
Some from Facebook folks I've never even met.
But all to the effect of, "...this fucker is going to destroy our country, what can we do about it?"

I don't know why anyone would think I have an answer to that question, but in any case it got me thinking. And that's not always a good thing.

It also got me to take another look at the 2016 electoral map.

Those spatterings of blue, that's where our major cities are located. That's where millions of people go to work each day in high technology, finance, manufacturing, education, service and retail. And despite what any Tiki-Torching wielding Jethro, Cletus or Bufford wants to tell you, we are in the majority of this country.

Moreover, we produce the revenue that fuels the economy.

While we, the sane, empathetic, rational people who are not fond of Chinese-made golf caps, khaki pants and fascist flag waving do not control the land masses of this great country, we do control something of more importance -- the levers of Capitalism.

We may be pixel pushers or marketing mavens, but we have the power to send a mighty message to Precedent Shitgibbon and to the spineless congressional members who acknowledge the danger he represents to our country (and the planet) but refuse to act swiftly. Or accordingly.

If they won't move on the 25th Amendment -- the amendment that gives his cabinet the right to remove POTUS from office because of mental instability -- we have to force their hand.

To wit...

The idea is very simple. 
And requires little energy, if any.

On Monday September 25th, we can all just call in sick. If we don't work, the companies don't work. And if the companies don't work, the country doesn't work. At least for one day. 

Plus, we get a 3 Day weekend to boot.

It's a powerful way to send a message to Congress and to the captains of industry that we will not let this Fascist flap-dragon flush our country down the toilet. 

We, myself and Jean Robaire (poster art direction and design) are going to spread this message the best we know how.

But we're not kidding ourselves, we need help. 

And we're hoping our very influential friends will get the word out.  Looking at you: Lee Clow, Ted Royer, Matt Ian, Pete Favat, Rob Schwartz, Eric Silver, Rob Reilly, Jeremy Miller, Claudia Caplan, George Tannenbaum, Bob Hoffman, Ernie Schenck, Karin Birch, Luke Sullivan, Jo Shoesmith, Barbara Lippert, David Angelo, Mark, Montiero, Jason Sperling, Jim Lesser, and many many more.

Take a screen grab of the poster and/or this handy dandy button.

Share it on FB, Instagram and Twitter. 
Join the Facebook group and get others to do so as well.

If you fancy yourself a keyboard warrior, now is the time to go to war.


BrittleBonesBoomer said...

Thank you.

Jessan Dunn Otis said...

Thanks for your invite, Rich.

I stand with you.

Cheers! ~ Jessan

tzacatzac said...

Hell yes. Duly shared.

I helped mount a similar "Black Thursday" sickout/boycott for Bush's 2nd inaugural. Was annoying enough to TPTB that it got me on "Hannity" ... good times.