Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Power of No

Today I offer a tip of the hat to colleague Warren Eakins.

Warren and I have never actually met, but he is a legend in the business. And apparently he has turned his attention to more artistic endeavors.

In this last posting for the month of April, which looks to be the highest trafficked month in the history of RoundSeventeen, Warren pays tribute to the everlasting power of No.

If only other members of the ad industry knew of its dominion.

"Can we move the meeting to Monday morning?"

"Can you make that 90 manifesto work in a 15 second pre-roll?"

"Can you have a Super Bowl spot written by end of day?"

"Can you check in with the planner at 2 PM? And again at 7 PM?"

"Can you make this instructional tutorial on long term life insurance go viral?"

"Can you stay until midnight?"

"Can you do it for free?"

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