Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Return of Kash Doll

As you may or may not recall, earlier this year I traveled up to Oakland for a family wedding. And I know the first question that comes to mind is, "who gets married in Oakland?"

But my niece and her now-husband live there and to be honest, the city is making a comeback and provided many pleasant surprises.

One of the not-so-pleasant surprises was the appearance of Kash Doll. As I detailed in an earlier posting, Ms. Doll and her "crew" showed up at our downtown hotel and decided it would be a perfect location for shooting her new music video.

Being unfamiliar with the Oakland hip hop scene, and upon first sighting, my wife and daughters assumed Ms. Doll and her scantily clad cohorts were simply street walkers. And had no idea she was a legitimate professional musician with serious credentials.

Like being able to rhyme words like bitch and snitch, glock and cock and suck and fuck.

You know, a songwriter.

The rather loud filming of the Kash Doll/Philthy Rich Joint went way past the midnight hour. And had I not had a few choice words with the hotel manager, the shoot could have easily gone until the sun came up. Attention to detail, the right lighting, getting just the right hand gestures, I've been on many shoots myself and know these things take time.

The inconvenience was not without its rewards. The hotel comped me for the night and sprang for breakfast and lattes at their in-house Starbucks which was right on the premises. Thank you Kash Doll.

As if that weren't enough to compensate me for a lost night of sleep, I now have a copy of the video that was so laboriously labored over.

Am I going to share it with you? You're damn right I'm going to share it with you.

Bear in mind the language is a little crude so might want to slap on the headphones. But what Kash Doll lacks in refinement she certainly makes up for in artistic expression. And this my friends, is high art.

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Théo said...

I'm waiting for the Chipmunks version.