Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tempest in a teapot

It's been brought to my attention, by several faithful readers, and I use that term sparingly, that through my daily blogging activity it is possible to gauge my mood and more specifically my work status.

For instance, my uncle, baking in the relentless heat of the Palm Springs sun recently asked if I had been working. Why, I queried? Because, he, as well as a few others, had noted a more fatalistic tone in my writing lately.

I found this quite shocking.

I didn't think it possible for my already fatalistic style to get any more fatalistic. In fact, I would invite you to pick any random blog posting, even those written while I was double and triple booked, and point out any quantitive differences in nihilistic content.

But then again, I'm on this side of the keyboard and you dear reader, are on the other. So my perspective is a bit warped.

And yes, truth be told, it has been slow lately. Slower than I and the bursars at the University of Washington and the University of Colorado would like it. But, if you know me, and clearly from reading beneath the lines, some of you think you do, you know I am a tireless 44 year old Dialer and Smiler.

As a result, assignments are now trickling in. Enough in fact, that I can end this week on a less fatalistic tone and a photo (see above) of a unique house I spotted in Mar Vista recently. A small California bungalow festooned with nothing but teapots.

Lots and lots of teapots.

Here's another shot for your amusement.

That's either my thumb on the left side of the shot.

Or my damn oversized Jew hook nose.

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