Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A shitload of jellybeans

Today I started this post with the intention of sharing some new work we had done about 6 months ago. We, and by that I mean a gaggle of freelancers, were brought in to develop a campaign for Subaru in Southeast Asia.

It was typical creative gang bang, pitting teams against each other in the hopes of getting a wide variety of executions. I'm happy to say that in the end, we prevailed and our campaign was selected by the client.

A trip to Singapore. Some exotic, possibly poisonous, sushi. And even perhaps a surreptitious visit to a late night bath house (with permission from my wife of course) were all in the cards.

And then they weren't.
Sadly, we were not retained for the production end of the commercial.

Consequently, the spot didn't turn out exactly the way I had seen it my head. And discretion being the better part of valor, I have decided to go off in a different, though somewhat similar direction.

You see, last year I was brought in for the same type of assignment, for a different type of vehicle -- the Kia Soul.

And once again, one of our ideas prevailed.

And once again, I was absent for the production. Though to be honest a couple of 14 hour days on a soundstage in Pacoima is a lot less enticing than a TransPacific boondoggle replete with sake and the promise of deep tissue Thai Massages.

The directive was to pit the Kia Soul against the Honda Fit and show its superior cargo space.

And using an old school, Lexus-type demonstration spot, that's exactly what we did.

Like I said, I wasn't involved in the crafting of the commercial. And I probably would have made some different copywriting/music choices.

But by and large, it's simple, it's effective and it looks surprisingly the way I pictured it to look when I put the words on the blank sheet of paper.

And there's something satisfying to that.

Especially for a seasoned 44 year old freelancer.


george tannenbaum said...

That has an idea.

Anonymous said...

It's Kia. It's Korean. So it must be asked: Before jellybeans, did you try to fit as many Kim Jong Uns as possible into each car?