Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Flame Has Been Lit

Fellow blogger, sometime follower, and legendary British adman Dave Trott came across a troubling letter.

Naturally he thought it would be of great concern to me and emailed a copy, post haste.

I've made some enemies in my day, but never did I think it would reach such monumental, and apparently very official, proportions.

I invite you to read:

Holy shit, I guess some folks on the other side of the pond have no sense of humor and have no plans of buying my book.

That's the last time I ever purchase haggis again.


Bob said...

Wait a minute, there's no Theodore Wadsworth at APG, president or otherwise.

This is an obvious fabrication by Mr. Trott designed to depress sales of your book to improve readership of his "Predatory Thinking," and "One Plus One Equals Three."

This "letter" is merely a variation on a well-worn Trott tactic, or should I call him by his true name, Clifford Irving.

Tony Mariani said...

Well that does it Rich, I am burning your book. Oh wait, I can't do that, I bought it on Kindle. Though I could delete it.....nah I am to cheap to throw away $3.03 I paid for the kindle book. After all the $3 bucks american is about $400 Canadian!!

dave trott said...

I didn't send that to you Rich, why would I be a member of a PLANNERS society?
So certainly it's a windup (as Bob says, there is no Wadsworth there) the question is who wrote it and sent it?
I'd say you did it (it's a smart move) but where would you get the letterhead (which is genuine BTW).
We need Columbo in a dirty mac.
I can help with the dirty Mac

Salty said...

Congratulations, man. It is a lifelong dream of mine to write a banned book. Seeing another embittered copywriter reach the milestone is just as rewarding, mainly because I did not have to expend the effort to do so.

It does smell like trolling, though.

Still, some of the most influential books ever written have been banned. That means you scared them. And that is a good thing (if true).

Sunshine said...

I will gladly buy your book, provided that you publicly decree that I am the exception to the rule that all planners suck.

Conor said...

And thus Rich Siegel joins an exclusive group of copywriters (well Salman Rushdie anyway) whose books have been banned around the world.