Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Beseech You, Satan!

You probably don't recognize Rev. Bob Larson, but I do.

Years ago, he was all over the late night airwaves. Rev. Bob has the same magnetic force as Francis Ford Coppolla's Godfather or Alex Payne's The Descendants or Sidney Lumet's Twelve Angry Men.

That is, when I stumble across it on TV, I find myself unable to change the channel.

I had all but forgotten my fascination with this hair-challenged charlatan -- seen above it what appears to be the Exorcist's version of the Heisman pose -- until I came across an article about him in last week's Huffington Post.

Seems Bob has gone all Demon Fighting 2.0.

And now, for the low, low fee of just $295, conducts his online exorcisms via Skype. Think about that. With nothing more than a good DSL connection, a webcam and three hundred bucks that you might have wasted on food or electricity bills, you can banish the Dark Lord from your possessed flesh.

Naturally, with my curiosity piqued, I took to surfing the inter webs for more of Bob's flamboyant devil chasing. I came across this video that unknowingly gives up Rev. Bob for the fake that he is.

Watch closely.

Did you catch it?
Did you see where this video went off the rail?
Did you, in the vernacular of con men, spot 'the tell?'

I didn't either until I shared the Brian video with my uncle who lives in Palm Springs.

"It's a lie from the very beginning" my uncle said, "there isn't a self-respecting gay man on earth that would engage in homosexual activity with a guy wearing that fleece vest." 

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george tannenbaum said...

Makes me miss Linda Blair.