Monday, January 6, 2014

Out of the Box Eating

It's a new year.
And like a lot of you I'm promising to make changes and create a new me.

Part of that is what I choose to put into my body.

And it's why I've decided to eat only foods that have been grown or killed. It's a simple premise and one that I think I can live up to.

I've battled excess weight my entire life. And have on several occasions been able to get to my optimal poundage of 179. Of course I've never been able to maintain that number, which according to my friends is a good thing. Many of whom commented, "you looked too thin and not very healthy."

I think that had more to do with the Euro-cut suits and pencil thin ties I began to wear. My body was just not built for 32" inch waist dungarees…I'm sorry, jeans.

Also not sure my chosen method of extreme weight loss was the most medically sound.

In the past I would run 3-4 miles a day.
Supplemented by swimming.
And the consumption of mass quantities of protein. I swore off all carbohydrates and found myself cracking open cans of tuna for breakfast.

I embraced the ketosis and would often revel at my neon yellow urine.

Of course a routine like that is difficult to maintain. Once I broke down and ate a single rice cake which immediately ballooned in my stomach and added 25 lbs. to my frame.

So now the battle begins again.

I often delude myself by saying, "I'm fat but fit." And there's evidence to support that claim. Last week, we were visiting family in Northern California. At the hotel gym, I took a fitness test on one of the cardio machines. The computer said my fitness level was high and my VO2 max level was 47. Which, as you can see from the chart below, is very good for a man of my age, 43.

I don't want to be fat but fit.
I want to be fit and fit.

So I'm getting back to my Neanderthal roots. If it wasn't butchered or harvested, I'm not eating it.

I wonder what kind of beer the cavemen drank?

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