Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sexy Time


Today's entry has nothing to do with the picture above. Or anything to do with Sexy Time. Today's entry was all about getting you to click on the link and snag your attention for one millisecond.

It's so easy because frankly you're so predictable.

And when I say you I mean the collective you, friends and family that come here with some regularity for a daily laugh.

There's another image I want you to see. An image that is far more exciting to me than it could possibly be to you. Which explains why I didn't lead with it. It looks like this:

On this, the final posting day of September, the monthly traffic is at an all time high. Surpassing the previous record of 5,163 hits in the month of April 2012. And not just surpassing it, but giving it the serious smack down similar to what Dempsey did to Willard in 1919.

You might have also noticed that we are close to breaking the completely arbitrary 6,000 page views barrier. Again, this means nothing to anyone, anywhere on the planet. But it does give me just enough personal validation to keep this blog going.

And so for that, and for visiting today, I thank you.

Next month I'd like to hit 7,000. And that's why I urge you to check out this link.

BTW, in my paying job as a copywriter I come across clients and agencies who are always looking for ways to increase web traffic to their corporate sites. I've sat for hours, seemingly days, in meetings discussing the merits of "click here" vs. "learn more" vs. "additional info".

If today has taught me anything it's that corporate America can experience exponential growth in their daily website traffic counts. They simply need to tap into the undeniable drawing power of soft core pornography.

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