Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where the elite meet to not eat meat

By the time you start reading this I will be 4 days into my 7 day meatless experiment. That's right I'm going vegetarian (Vegetarian -- a Native American word for lousy hunter).

This is not easy for me as I am, by all accounts, a 'meat and potatoes' kind of man. Actually, since I tried to cut back on carbs, you can keep your potatoes and simply give me more meat.

I live for salmon filets, chicken breasts and a good thick NY steak. That is until last Friday night, when in the middle of a late night edit session, my partner Puja, an Indian woman of the highest caste, suggested I try eliminating meat to help in my ever going battle with excess weight.

This seemed like a good idea. Particularly since I'd been reading interviews with Tony Horton, of P90X fame, who claimed he had to stop being a vegetarian because he had trouble keeping weight on. I should be so afflicted.

How's it going you may ask.

Well, you don't come here to see me spill my guts, at least not in the literal sense, so I'll spare you the gastronomic details. But I will say I do feel lighter. There's extra pep in my step. And I'm even sleeping better.

But being a vegetarian is hard. Not the eating part, that's easy. The shopping part, that's where it gets difficult. And going to a restaurant is even more difficult.

Turkey burger, that's vegetarian, right?


Jeff said...

I've often thought of trying to go vegetarian, and I've had some success if you count the lettuce, tomato and pickles on my 5 Guy burger.

Robert Moss said...

Since when you start celebrating Lent?