Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Run Forrest Run

When I was kid they used to advertise P.F. Flyers as the sneaker (this pre-dates the 'running shoe') that would make you "run faster and jump higher." I recognize that now as nothing more than Madison Avenue puffery, but back then those shoes held out a glimmer of hope to a chubby 9-year old boy with dreams of playing for the Baltimore Colts (this pre-dates Indianapolis.)

Of course P.F. Flyers were way beyond my mom's allotted budget for sneakers. Even though they were a less expensive knock off of Converse.

Nope, my sneakers were purchased at a Jackson Heights grocery store, in a bin wedged between the cantaloupes and the umbrellas. They were often purchased two pairs at a time, particularly when the price dropped to 99 cents (this pre-dates the 99 cent stores.)

Oh how times and sneaker technology have changed.

Last week I bought a new pair of Asics Nimbus 12. I shelled out $125 for the Impact Guidance System, the Biomorphic Fit Upper and the trademarked Space Trusstic System. I could lie and fudge my way through an explanation of these space age technologies. But to what end? The real proof is in the numbers.

Here is a snapshot from my first run with the new sneakers. 2.89 miles in 28 minutes and 14 seconds. That's about a 9:35 pace per mile. Not bad for a man of my advanced age. And quite a considerable improvement over last week's 10:22 mile pace.

So finally, a sneaker that can actually make me run faster and jump higher. Of course at $125 a pop, there's no way I'm buying these for my kids.

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