Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Naval Gazing

I don't get paid for doing this blog. There is the random email from friends or a passing comment at parties and get-togethers to the effect of, "I love reading your blog everyday." But the truth is I do this for me.

It's just good old-fashioned narcissism. And a way to stave off early senility. Now that I've made it a daily habit, I'd probably write this blog even if no one were reading. But, as the Google Analytics indicates, people are.

From strange places I might add.

I have no idea who could be following this blog in the Netherlands. Although Wieden & Kennedy has an office in Amsterdam. I'd be flattered if W&K, regarded as the smartest people in the advertising industry, were reading my narcissistic daily dumpings.

France, I have no idea. France and French people are a mystery to me.

Germany. Well it could be my friend Claudia, the Teutonic Planner who used to work at Chiat/Day, who not surprisingly never budged an inch when it came time to adjust the strategic brief. Or it could be a woman I went to high school with, she was always an easy laugh. That would be flattering, too.

But the most puzzling item has to be the 10 people in Vietnam. I don't know anybody in Vietnam. To my knowledge, I don't anybody who does know anybody in Vietnam. There's a new Pho restaurant in my neighborhood, I haven't even eaten there yet.

I can only assume the people in Vietnam who are reading roundseventeen are not coming here for the sophisticated wordplay and insightful observations about politics and culture, but rather the occasional funny picture. So, (with thanks to my pal Steve Morris) this is for all my friends on the 16th parallel, Good Morning Vietnam:

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