Monday, October 16, 2017


"What a fucking moron."

Somewhere a White House historian, charged with documenting the daily life and activities of the presidency must record the news of the day, is entering that phrase for posterity's sake.

Oh Precedent Shitgibbon can call it FAKE News and Liddle Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can offer half-hearted denials, but just as "four score and seven years ago" and "ask not what your country can do for you" are part of our national lexicon, there can be no question that 100 years from now, teachers of American history will be telling their students of the time when the President wanted to quadruple our stockpile of nuclear weapons and his most senior cabinet member responded with...

"What a fucking moron."

In fact, when this dim, fishbrained twatwaffle is laid to rest, and is peacefully enjoying his dirt nap, you can be sure vandal after vandal will work tirelessly to evade the security guards to spray paint on his tombstone...

Here lies a Fucking Moron.

I don't like Rex Tillerson, but I can empathize with Rex Tillerson.

Truth is, I don't like any of his cabinet, including Kelly, McMaster and Mattis. Because if they had any integrity, any intelligence, any semblance of a spine, they'd invoke the 25th Amendment, take away his nuclear football and kick this fucking moron to the curb.

But, having worked in advertising, I think we can all empathize. Because there's a good chance you too have worked for a fucking moron(s).

I know I have.

And you know when that happens, it makes winning new business incredibly difficult. Because potential new clients can sniff out incompetency and tend not to want to place their enterprise in the hands of a fucking moron.

While winning new business is difficult, keeping it is even more so. Because clients already on the roster, see and experience the fucking moron and all his fucking moronity on a daily basis.

And finally working for a fucking moron is simply no picnic.

Because everything you do, everything you work for, every ambition you hold close to your heart, can come crashing down like a 100 foot tall Jenga tower when one gin-fueled slip of the tongue passes the lips of your fucking moron.

Of course, there isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful for living through what Rex and HR and Kelly and Mad Dog are living through now. Because having worked for a fucking moron, I decided a long time ago to venture out on my own, so that I never have to work for a fucking moron ever again.

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