Monday, October 2, 2017


Hundreds of faithful Roundseventeen

OK, dozens of faithful Roundseventeen readers...

Alright, the truth is no one but my wife -- who doesn't read Roundseventeen -- has said anything about my ongoing battle with Volvo. In fact, when she did mention it, it was more in line with, "would you forget about that damn car and get the goddamned pergola in the backyard fixed?"

I'm happy to say that I'm an accomplished multitasker.

I can write moving manifestos for Tire Barn.

Track down a handyman to replace the water damaged wood beams in the pergola.

And wage a Quixotic war against these two-armed automotive bandits at 7705 Sahara Blvd. in the city of sin.

I'll spare you the lengthy recap of how this all started and invite you to read my colorful Yelp review for all the gory details. Suffice to say it started with Volvo cars of Las Vegas wanting to charge me $335 to replace the battery. Their sister city in Florida has a much more reasonable price.

Naturally, when I found this I took every opportunity to display the disparity on every Volvo Facebook page I could find.

Moreover I found out last week that the Jewish Family Services Organization, the folks I donated the vehicle to, were able to fix the car for a little more than $200. Granted they used a refurbished air compressor, but that number pales to the $2700 the good people at the Nevada Volvo dealership
 wanted to charge me.

In fact, if I am working the calculator they way I should be, the markup from the honest people at Volvo Cars of Las Vegas is close to 973%.

As the Big Lebowski might have said, "This will not stand. I cannot abide."

And so I don't.

I've filed a complaint with the BBB in Las Vegas, who not surprisingly, are quite familiar with the hardworking people at Volvo Cars of Las Vegas. I've reached out to Michelle Mortenson, the consumer investigative reporter at KLAS channel 8 in Las Vegas. And I've established a Linkedin connection with the CEO of Volvo Cars, USA, Lex Kerssemakers.

Lex has been most interested in how Lane McEnaney, General Manager, plans to resolve this situation.

By the way Lane, there's a good chance the CEO of Volvo Cars USA didn't know your name before this incident, but he definitely knows your name now.

As I wrote in my original Yelp review, voted the most useful review of Volvo Cars of Las Vegas, these folks have stepped on the wrong pitbull's tail.

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