Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Deep State My Ass

This is not a political rant.

It's about Precedent Shitgibbon and the current state of our nation but it's not about politics.

And here's why. You and I can have differing opinions regarding health care, military budgets, economics, etc.

Moreover, at least in my case, perhaps in yours as well, those opinions can change over time. For instance, while I consider myself pro-choice, I distinctly remember questioning my longheld beliefs regarding abortion once I went through the process of prenatal care, sonograms and fatherhood.

Similarly, while I initially supported George W. Bush and the strong reaction to the 9/11 attacks, in retrospect, I wish we had been more measured and more tactical in our response.

The point is, we can have a civil discourse about those differences and in the end agree to disagree.

That's what grown ups do. They understand everything is not black and white and make room for nuance. Remember nuance?

But today, the issues are not the issue. What concerns me and what should concern you, even if we are diametrically opposed on every matter, is the illiterate man/child who holds the fate of the free world in his tiny vulgarian hands.

He is a Liar.

All politicians are liars, but his lies are toxic, born from paranoia. And they are a literal and growing threat to our way of life.

President Obama did not wiretapp Trump Tower. We know this because James Comey, head of the FBI said it. The Senate Intelligence Committee said it. Paul Ryan said it. And congresspeople from both sides of the aisle have said it.

Congratulations Precedent Shitgibbon, for the first time in my life I am believing the words coming for the mouths of our federally elected officials.

Here's another newsflash, contrary to the ramblings of Truther Andrew Napolitano, a man whose hair seems to be feeding on his brain cells, British spies also didn't have wiretapps hidden throughout Trump Tower. So egregious is the charge, they made an unprecedented public denial -- something spy agencies are loathe to do.

And while it is beyond amusing to watch Shitgibbon surrogates like Spicey, KAC and Jeffrey Lord dance on the head of a needle to parse the words and find some cause for the libelous charges, it is now fundamentally dangerous.

Because in doubling down on the double down, we are now hearing a growing tin-foil chorus about the sinister powers of the alleged Deep State -- a fictional underground cabal of Democrats, liberals and progressives who are pulling the strings of government and conspiring to bring down Precedent Shitgibbon.

This is farcical on so many levels.

And begs the question, if there is an all-powerful Deep State capable of ruling from the shadows, why allow this craven, fen-sucked twatbiscuit in the White House in the first place?

No, this is Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Free Mason, Rothschild Banker, New World Order, Conspiracy Theory type bullshit!

This should scare the pants off you, even if you are a Killary-hating, red-hat-wearing, Confederate flag waving Tea Partier.

Because Truth and our shared notion of what defines Truth is under attack. And once that goes, Justice and the American Way are sure to follow.

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