Thursday, March 23, 2017

Adsense Nonsense

Geez, it's getting harder and harder to make $62.73 cents these days.

Months ago, you might recall, I signed up for the blogspot online advertising programs. It's called Adsense. By doing so I agreed to let Google -- the host of RoundSeventeen-- begin placing ads on my daily online content.

You might have even noticed the ads running alongside these posts.

Ads for Nest Thermostats, Sonos speakers, an all Muslim Banking Organization that lends money in strict accordance with the Koran, the Tushy Bidet System, and Red Lobster. These ads pop up in accordance with the algorithms generated by each posting.

Since starting the Adsense program I have racked up a stunning $62.73 earnings.

Incredible right? I knew this writing thing would pay off some day.

Of course, that someday hasn't arrived yet as Google will not cut any checks until the balance reaches $100. At this rate, my kids could be out of college and I could be sipping sirloin puree at a dirty nursing home before I collect my windfall.

But your apathy and refusal to click on one of our treasured advertisers is not the only obstacle to my future wealth.

Recently I received a warning from Google. Apparently one of my posts from 2013 contained a picture of a woman baring a little too much breast. I was scolded, slapped on the wrist and told that if I did not modify the offending ad my entire advertising fortune would be at risk.

And that my participation in the Adsense program would be curtailed. They even sent me a little blurb about their policies.

Naturally, I found this quite amusing. 

And naturally, being the boat rocker that I am (or as Chiat/Day might put it -- a Pirate, aaaargh) I've decided to push back against the powers that be. Hence the picture above.

I'm also a bit flattered. 

And enjoy knowing that some poor schmuck at Google has been assigned to monitor my compliance and will be forced to scour RoundSeventeen on a daily basis.

That bumps me from 8 regulars readers everyday to 9.

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Diane Stember Richards said...

You are so damn funny, Rich. I think I need to subscribe to your blog just so I can be more frequently amused! How do I subscribe? I'm not seeing a sign-up area.