Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Christ, are you kidding me?

Last week, I heard a Presidential candidate say something I never thought I'd hear from a politician. Which in itself is quite amazing in light of Donald Trump's unprecedented...

"I will bomb the shit out of them."

"I could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and still win the nomination."

"If she wasn't my daughter I'd be hitting that."

In response to a question from Anderson Cooper, Bernie Sanders, a smarter, thinner, better-dressed version of my zaida, said he was an Atheist. Oh Lordy, I thought, you can't tell the American people you don't believe in God and then expect to get elected.

A sad state of affairs considering we are a nation built upon the separation of church and state. As well as the foundation of religious liberty. Although apparently that liberty does not include the right NOT to believe in God.

Of course Constitutional arguments rarely have any sway to those who purport to cling to it with all their heart and soul.

Contrast Sander's atheism with the resurgence of Ted Cruz, who has publicly stated he answers to Jesus and is a Christian first and an American second.

I'm no expert on Scripture. I have a vague recollection of the Torah portion from my Bar Mitzvah. Something about slaying a goat, burying one of its legs in the ground and offering up the remainders to Adonai, the Host of Hosts, Master and Commander of the vast universe. Oh and don't quote me on that.

But I'm not sure which Jesus Christ, Mr. Cruz is referring to.

When asked how he would deal win ISIS in Raqaa (where thousands of innocent civilians also live), he said, "We will carpet bomb ISIS into oblivion. I don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out."

Is that from Mathew 3:14?

Revelation 2:28?

Or is it something more obscure from Thessalonians?

And here's the real irony. For all his humanism, his ancestral Jewishness and his proclamation of disbelief, Sanders, it can be argued, is by far the most Christian or Christ-like of all the candidates.

He has an open disdain for the obscenely wealthy who work for their own interests and no one else's.

He wants to feed the poor and heal the sick.

He is decidedly Pacifist.

And he can walk on water. (OK, that came from one of his young supporters who was admittedly stoned at the time, but Bernie also wants to legalize marijuana.)

Lastly, Bernie Sanders wants to make college free to any student seeking higher education. Free? Where were you 4 years ago? You'll probably get the law enacted the same day my youngest gets her $250,000 sheepskin.

I damn you to the hell you don't believe in, Bernie Sanders.


Warren Eakins said...

I really like many of the things that Bernie Sanders believes in and supports and wants to do. I think he is a good person at heart.
But I fear if he becomes the Democratic nominee he will be viciously attacked as a 'Godless Communist' by every conservative in the country, not just the Loonies. And not just Republicans, around 70% of Americans believe in Angels and the virgin birth of Christ.
On the other hand I've been wondering for years when the revolution was going to start, maybe this is it.
Warren Eakins

Patrick Griffin said...

I love Thessalonians. Well, I love saying Thessalonians. I just rolls off the tongue.

Salty said...

Sanders' voting record in Congress tells a slightly different story. Believe what you will. I think straight ticket Libertarian will be attractive by the time the actual election rolls around. But then, I'd vote straight ticket Looney if it were found outside of Britain.