Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hospital Humor

I'll be honest with you.

Actually, I've always been honest with you, that is why I suspect many people come to read Round Seventeen; brutal, unfiltered, career-killing honesty™.

But today I'm going to be honest-er.

There are times when I just feel like calling it quits.
Put an end to this blog.
And simply pull the plug.

Why? Not because I've run out of things to say. To be completely frank with you, I often get tired of hearing my own voice. Let's face it, 44 years with this kvetching, neurotic, pain-in-the-ass inner voice is a long, long time.

And so today, I'm going to go light.

Last week I was in the hospital. I should say, I was visiting someone in the hospital, my uncle -- another Siegel who has a Master's Degree in Kvetching and Neurosis.

Seems to me I've been spending a lot more time in hospitals. My uncle was having his knee replaced at Cedar Sinai. And not too long ago, my brother did a stint at St. Vincent's after he zealously overdid his first session at a Spinning Class.

I have never spent a night in the hospital bed. Not once. Ever. Nor do I want to, so I religiously exercise and eat sensibly.

On the way out of the hospital the other night, I spotted this sign (see photo above.)

Innocuous enough, right? A hallway sign passed by doctors and nurses daily, more than a few thousand times a day. And always without notice.

Until that is, I decided to whip out my iPhone and snap a photo of the sign near the water fountain.

An African American Anesthesiologist, walking in the other direction, stopped in her tracks to see what I had found so interesting.

She took a closer look and for the first time saw the sign in a new light.

"Oh yeah, it does look like the person in the wheelchair is about kick him in the ass" she thought.

She turned and walked away towards the operating room or to see her next patient. And as she did, I heard her giggling.

That made my day.


Bob said...

I think the person in the wheelchair was faking it, and got up to get a drink.

Anonymous said...

Sean G. said...

I read it as a before/after faker shot as well. Either way, you can't lose!