Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Chevy Dolts

Recognize this car?

Of course you don't. This is the Chevy Volt before it was picked apart by middle managers, focus group housewives, and career-minded designers with little integrity and an uncanny willingness to compromise and please their org. chart superiors.

"Got it, boss. Take off edges, water it down and make it look more like the 1979 Chevy Vega. No problema."

Chances are you've seen today's Chevy Volt.
Hell, 38 people in America drive one.

You just can't remember it. That's because the committee that fought diligently to find the least common denominator and brought the Volt to fruition got everything they asked for: a bland, non-polarizing electric vehicle with all the pizzazz of an office stapler.

Alternatively, the current best selling electric vehicle is the unforgettable Tesla Model S. Did you see how I cleverly buried the AC pun into the wording?

Tesla can't keep these cars in stock.

In fact there's a waiting list to get one. They've succeeded beyond their dreams. And are preparing to unleash a Tesla Roadster and a more affordable sedan to the electric car buying public.

This, more than anything I can remember, demonstrates what is wrong with American business, and I'm looking at you Advertising Industry, today.

There are talented, imaginative, creative people who have the gonads to bring something unique and daring to the table.

And then there are committees, governed by mealy-mouthed sycophants whose inability to move the ball forward is surpassed only by an instinctual drive to cover their ass and crush the dreams and aspirations of fat, bald Jewish bloggers like myself.

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