Friday, June 6, 2014

Vault Week Bonus Edition

Normally I don't put up a post on Friday, but this week is a little different.

You see, after a decade-long search I have finally been able to track down a copy of another low-budget (everything we did for ABC was low-budget) effort featuring the massively talented Steve Shenbaum.

I hounded folks at Chiat/Day for a copy, no luck.

I hounded the art director and copywriter for a copy, no luck.

Finally, I hounded the Director of the spot Stephen Kessler, no luck.

Fortunately Stephen has become a big time Hollywood guy. And has gone on to direct features and documentaries. You might be familiar with his doc on Paul Williams.

Well, like all big time Hollywood guys, Stephen has an entourage. And earlier this week he set one of his ambitious assistants to the task. Lo and behold his resourceful assistant found what none of us could, some high quality quicktimes of the 4 spot series.

Here's my favorite:

Yes, the small boxy portable TV with the channel changing knob dates the spot.

And maybe I'm inhaling my own fumes -- a practice perfected by creatives and even agencies -- but it's work that I still enjoy. I hope you will too.

Finally, another word on Mr. Kessler, since I am now forever indebted to him.

Stephen was part of the old Chiat/Day crew. He was copywriter and part of the team responsible for much of the legendary work that built their storied reputation.

Work that was chronicled in a book Stephen compiled called Chiat/Day The First Twenty Years.

I'm too young (that's not a phrase I get to use too often) to have been included in this edition.

However, I'm hoping Mr. Kessler, or somebody, is hard at work on the follow up book, Chiat/Day The Second Twenty Years. Maybe even some of our late 90's campaigns (ABC, Homestore, Earthlink), will be included.

If that happens, I know how NOT to promote the book.

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