Monday, June 30, 2014

Gone Camping

If you read roundseventeen with any regularity, and frankly I don't know why anyone other than my wife would, you know that at this time of the year we head up to Independence, CA, for our yearly camping trip.

This year, our twelfth, will be different.

My youngest daughter is away at Jew camp. And my oldest daughter has a summer job and will be guarding the homestead with our dog Nellie.

In the spirit of not divulging too much security information, my brother has also agreed to pop in the house at several unscheduled times. Lest any of you ne'er-do-wells have any thoughts of coming to Culver City and relieving me of my prized 50 inch flatscreen TV or my 21-speed Cinelli racing bike.

My brother's wrists are as thick as a #10 can of Ketchup, so I don't recommend tangling with him.

So where does that leave you, the regular roundseventeen reader?

Probably with a much needed respite from my finely fermented venom, my Luddite geo-political ramblings, and my personal oversharing.

But I'm not about to leave you in the lurch.

That's not how I built the 23,981,763rd most popular blog in America with a daily readership in the high teens, and spiking in the low twenties when linked via AgencySpy or Huffington Post.

I've scoured the archives and reposted pieces that I thought were deserving of a second look. I'm often surprised on this end about which posts catch fire and which ones don't.

I hope you will enjoy these while I'm high in the Sierras cavorting with the local meth-heads and scrounging for moss that will answer many unmentionable hygiene needs.

We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging on July 7th.

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Jeff said...

Scrounging For Moss. The Troubadour, '04.