Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Hired

I got a new job.

I didn't bother to list it on Linkedin.com but I'm more than happy to tell you about here.

First thing you need to know about this new job is that it isn't exactly new. I've been doing it for a number of years. Mostly on a casual basis. But now it seems my services are in greater demand.

Second thing you need to know about this new job is the pay sucks. In fact, the better I perform at this new job the more money comes OUT of my pocket.

Now, the explanation.

Seems every time a Creative Director, a Copywriter or an Art Director, quits his or her job, or in many cases, "Gets Quit", my phone is the first to ring.

Last week, it happened twice.
On the same day.

The cynical part of me wants to believe these new entries in the freelance pool are simply fishing for information. Hunting down leads so that they may snake a gig away from me, and by consequence, take food off the Siegel family dinner table and land my college-bound daughters at the less-prestigious, less-expensive DeVry Institute.

The better of my angels says no.

They are just unfortunate colleagues who have been victimized by a brutal industry that has been hijacked by greedy, soul-less profit hoarders who have very little need for creativity, imagination, or for that matter, creative people.

Seeing as I've been a mercenary for close to 10 years, they're coming to me for some kind of counsel. Some simple reassurance. They want to know that everything will work out and that there's a way to make a good living as a hired gun. They're looking for a calm island amidst a sea of turbulence.

This amuses my wife to no end, as she will tell you I have the affirmation skills of a snapping tortoise.

But who am I to complain?

I'm flattered by the misguided confidence. And I relish the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and colleagues.

Mostly because it usually results in a free lunch.

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@rebrivved said...

(Going with an aquatic theme. Hope you don't mind.)

Like you, I just can't stand by and watch folks drown. Have you noticed, though that many of the new folks in our freelance pool tend to jump back into the agency pool the first chance they get?

I'm always happy for them because while it's not my idea a dream job, it's what they want. And because every once in awhile one of them throws me a freelance assignment my way - kinda like a life ring...