Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Miracles and Manna for $200

My buddy Jeff Gelberg, whose incredibly well-written blog Rotation and Balance often makes me jealous, is working on a gig at the Game Show Network.

Seems all my friends have worked at GSN.
Indeed, one of them used to be the CEO of the network.

This week, Jeff is writing promos for The American Bible Challenge.

I know what you're thinking,

"Wait a minute, they've turned the written word of the Lord, the host of hosts, the Great Almighty, into a game show!!! How can I get in on this psalmic action and turn my encyclopedic knowledge of the testaments into a new front-loading washer and dryer?"

This has got to be a challenging assignment for Jeff.

For one thing, he's a cynical Bar Mitzvah boy like myself. Meaning he's only familiar with half the material. And even that half is sketchy considering that material is written in Hebrew.

Fortunately, like myself, he also has two kids attending a Catholic, correction Christian School, so there's not as much guilt. Or Christ-eating. The point is, he has his own
built-in research department sitting right there at the dinner table.

I haven't watched the show. And I don't suggest you watch it either.

You see if 38 people reading this blog decide to tune in, that would qualify as a huge ratings spike at GSN. If that happens, then they won't need anymore promos. And if that happens Jeff will be back on the street.

And I don't want to compete against him for Al Jazeera's new game show, "Name that Hadith."

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