Monday, May 14, 2012

Reader Appreciation Day

Today's post is about you.
OK, one of you.

You see it dawned on me the other day, probably after watching a recent report about online narcissism, that I write way too much about myself. Granted this is my blog and I'm free to do as I please and you are free to ignore this as you please, but still I do find the trend disturbing. Even writing about myself being upset with how much I write about myself, is a tad unsettling.

But enough about me, let's talk about you.

If you look in the very lower right hand corner of this blog you'll see the 74 people who have taken the time to sign up and follow roundseventeen on a regular basis. The number hasn't grown much lately. And frankly that doesn't bother me. I have signed up for other blogs and haven't read them in ages. So, in essence, the whole practice is meaningless.

But recently, I picked up a new follower. A fellow who goes by the name Kold Kadavr. I don't remember going to school or working with someone with that moniker, I'm pretty sure I'd remember if I did.

Not to mention Mr. Kadavr's striking and unforgettable pompadour.

So once again I indulged my curiosity. After all, if Kold Kadavr was interested in my daily spouting, I could at the very least show some interest in his. And it turns out that this Accountant from Topeka, Kansas (which is not a place you want to visit in the middle of summer) has put me to shame in the blogging department.

You see, where I maintain but one admittedly narcissistic blog, Mr. Kadavr lists himself as the author of no less than 15. That's right 15 blogs!

And these are no ordinary blogs, trust me, I've taken the time to look at all of them. Here's a small sampling of his writing:

I've admitted it before and I'll admit it again, I'm not the world's biggest reader. My tastes tend toward current events, history and non-fiction. I'm not much on prose, nuance or subtext. I appreciate writers who wield those tools, I've just never been one of them.

However, I'm open to new experiences, new literature and new authors, like Mr. Kadavr. And even though I haven't the slightest clue as to what he is talking about, I would like to publicly thank him for sharing his unique brand of schizophrenia. If for no other reason than to expand my vocabulary.

In fact in recognition of his distinctive and indecipherable style, over the course of the next few days, either on this blog, or in one my commercials, I will actively be seeking to use my new word for the day: askance.

Thanks KK, keep on blogging.

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