Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Mother of God!

Ok, I don't do this a lot, mostly because I don't watch a lot of TV these days -- double dipping and trying to stay ahead of the needs of three women tends to cut down free time -- but this is Must See TV.

There have been survival shows before, Survivorman and Bear Gryll's Man vs. Wild. But Dual Survival adds a unique twist. They have paired Army Veteran/Sniper Dave Cantebury with the diametrically opposed hippie dippie, no shoes wearing, grub eating, Arizona minimalist Cody Lundin. They are the Laurel and Hardy of the wilderness world.

It's fascinating to watch these two men match their wits against the elements atop a mountain in Wyoming, a rain forest in Thailand and the hippo-infested delta of Botswana.

Last week, the two intrepid survivalists were dropped off in the rugged hills of Tierra del Fuego in South America. As if that weren't enough and to demonstrate what it would be like to be lost and wounded, crazy Dave whipped out his hunting knife and tore a 3 inch gash across his right forearm. Then, in an even crazier move he had his partner Cody pour black gun powder in the open wound and ignite the powder to cauterize the laceration.

He set his arm on fire as if it were the Chinese New Year!

Good night nurse, this guy has enough balls for three men.

And to think the other night I got on my wife's case for buying the wrong brand of mixed nuts, I like the ones with lots of cashews not those horrible tasting Brazilian nuts.

I feel bad.
I feel very, very bad.

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