Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High Pressure System Moving South

People are talking about the weather a lot lately.

It could be related to Hurricane Irene, that ripped through the East Coast not long ago. It could be the entertaining Republican debates and various candidates attributing foul weather to the whims of a very petulant God. Or it could be attributed to the Arkansas weatherman who, after a stormy night of drugs and alcohol, woke up naked in a tub with a dead wearing a dog collar.

The last story went viral and soared into the stratosphere of Google Trends.

You have to feel bad for Brett Cummins, the young meteorologist with so much potential and his whole future in front of him. It had to be devastating to be humiliated like that on the national stage. To be the butt of so many gay weatherman, ectasy-enhanced dog collar jokes. And to become fodder for the late night talk shows. Not to mention the millions of amateur bloggers just itching for new salacious material.

How do you ever recover from such a monumental embarrassment?

The only thing that could possibly take the searing spotlight off young Brett Cummins would be to have another weatherman in another state commit something even more shocking and unforgettable. 

Something like this:


geo said...

a breaking story, so to speak.

Jeff said...

Watch out for sudden downpours.

glasgowdick said...

Ironically, this on-air incident led to an immediate
"Exit Interview with Mr. Brown."

Thank you, try the veal.