Monday, May 4, 2009

Mondays wth Mary?

Since Tuesdays with Mantu, My Adventures with a Nigerian Con Artist, I have resisted the urge to scambait. But this proposal, which came to me from a friend in Detroit, was just just too damn tempting.

Dear Sir,

I am Mary Johnson 21yrs female, of the late Wazirim Johnson former Managing Director an Oil sector in Sudan and he nationalize in Romania and get married to my mother who was a australian woman.

While i was still in Romania
, my father died in the civil war that happen in Sudan some few years ago and the rebels killed my Mother because of my fathers investment.

This same inccident made me to become deaf and

Me being the only daugther,he secured this amount of money on my name $1.5 milloin ,but now due to the war in Sudan The money moved to a finance company in west africa.

I want a partner who can assist me to transfer this money into a foreign account for safe keeping so i can come over to your country for my education and future investment because at my age and as a student, i am not allowed to operate a foreign account.

I am willing to offer you 25% share of the total money when it is transfered to your account.

Your sincerely

Mary Johnson

And so I yielded to the temptation to outwit witless Mary.

Dear Mary,

It was so comforting to read your email. And to know there are others like me.

I am not deaf, like you, but do have a rare genetic disease making me not just dumb,
but Very Dumb.

I am so sorry to hear about what happened with your parents. I will gladly assist you with the transfer of the money, but could not in good faith accept 25% of the proceeds.

I don't think any Very Dumb person would.

Yours truly,

Herbert Walker

I can say with 100% certainty that she will take the bait.

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