Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday Photo Funnies

It's been a while since I've done a Thursday Photo Funnies posting. Those of you who were National Lampoon fans, might notice how I have nicked the title for my own usage.

As a reminder, the Photo Funnies takes us on a journey through the very eclectic collection of digital photos on my iPhone. The choices were much more varied in the Before Times. And by that I mean when my hip was functional and I had the free time to walkabout Culver City, hike the stairs and not have to dodge homeless encampments on the sidewalk.

Now my sojourns take me to all corners of the inter webs, where I am particularly fascinated with white supremacists and more specifically white supremacists -- like the one pictured above -- who somehow evade the Woke Police and do not land themselves in FB Jail. 

Here's another toolbag who apparently has NOT violated Facebook's 
highly fluid Community standards.

And here's another, who brazenly took a potshot at
Big Nose Zuckerberg.

On a lighter note, here's a shot I snapped
while riding my Peloton. This scenic ride took me thru Peru and 
a first hand look at their wooly kangaroos.

A great ad from my former Team One colleagues
who set the bar for luxury car advertising and literally built
the Lexus brand. Kudos.

This requires little in the way of explanation.

Neither does this.

Nor this. I love how Red Hats own themselves.

This is a tiny caganer figurine, given to me by a friend who
had recently toured the Iberian Peninsula. It's now a family heirloom.

A surprising hefty nameplate from my first job 
at the old Chiat/Day warehouse. Best. Job. Ever.

And finally there's this, mobile chiropractic services for your dog and/or cat.
So damn Los Angeles.

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