Wednesday, November 10, 2021

PWMCT revisited

Earlier in the week, former UN Ambassador and current shameless flip-flopping sycophant Nikki Haley, stated that all presidential candidates should be required to pass a cognitive test. 

The implication being that our current President, the one who scored an Infrastructure deal, passed the American Rescue Act, ended our misguided involvement in the Afghanistan War (another GOP fiasco) and now leads a hard charging economy with over 5% GDP annualized growth and 4.6% unemployment, is somehow lacking in his mental faculties.

Yes, the current president occasionally fumbles his words. 

Yes, he walks slowly and with the gait of an older man. 

And yes our exit from Southern Asia could have been handled with a bit more finesse. 

But to insinuate that President Biden is not in full command of his faculties, as the GOP would have you believe, is to willfully ignore the endless and comical shenanigans of the previous POTUS, who on so many occasions referred to himself a "very stable genius."

So, on this the year anniversary of farce that took place at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot, let's have a visual recap of the previous 4 years under the Grandpa Ramblemouth Regime.

Garden hoses at a press conference, the new standard in excellence.

"Look at me, I'm dwiving the the big twuck."

"Who wants a filet o'fish samich?"

Sure, he's the world's most despotic Communist dictator,
but "we fell in love."

"The hurricane is going to hit Alabama,
just look at the map."

"I gave her $130,000 NOT to have sex with me."

"I meant to have the toilet paper on my shoe."

"I drink like a big boy."

"Hurricane victims need Paper Towels, look it up, they do."

"I wasn't briefed on this."

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