Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hack Attack

Last Friday there was a massive shutdown of several major commercial websites, including Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. This was not a normal cyber attack, where hackers typically extract information.

Instead, servers were flooded with inbound requests, thus crippling many of your favorite shopping sites.

The Department of Homeland Security is looking into the matter, but I think what they're likely to find is that millions of readers were rushing to get my new book, The Big Book of Rants, A Gentleman's Guide to a Life in Advertising.

I'm no cyber expert but if we default to Occam's Razor and the simplest possible explanation, I think it's pretty clear the pent up demand for my book crashed the internet.

The book is already getting 5 stars reviews from people who haven't even read it yet.

Moreover, I'm getting a ton of private emails from advertising planners who can't thank me enough for publishing this tome of useless, uninformed rants.

Mark Thompson, a senior planner from Foote Cone in NY, writes...

"We had some joist damage from a recent storm. Our new 36" Wolf Range was listing to the left. Your new book, measuring 3/4 of an inch, worked perfectly to even out the tilt. Thanks." 

I'm happy to report the computer glitches have been unglitched. Which makes this a good time to get out your eleven dollars and ninety eight cents and make with the clicks.

Look at it this way, the more books you buy, the less I have to promote them. And I think that's what we all want, right?

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Mark F said...

Are you planning on a kindle edition for this one?