Thursday, September 29, 2016


As some of you might know I've made a habit of posting photos on Thursdays.

Lately this habit has become a routine because the last two months have been the busiest stretch in my almost 13 years of freelancing.

Plus, I'm trying to crank out a book.

Anyway, when I do get free time I like to hike up to the Baldwin Hills Overlook. It's a 1.4 mile walk from my front door to the trailhead. Then I go up and down the mountain (hill) 2-3 times, and then I'll hump it back. Usually with the aid of some Tylenol stuffed in my cargo shorts. All total, it's a good 6-7 mile trek. And 1000 burned calories.

On the walk I always spot something unusual. Like this pink scrap of paper littered on the sidewalk, ironically depicting a pig.

But I also spotted some interesting guerrilla artwork that makes a no less ironic statement on today's pop culture.

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