Monday, September 27, 2010

You have some place better to be?

I get a lot of emails from my temple. I don't always open them. Let's face it, there are only so many times I want be hit up for a donation. But sometimes, they come up with a subject line that just cannot be ignored.

The Jewish County Fair? Is this some kind of joke? Because if not, well the jokes just write themselves.

There are plenty of natural associations one makes when thinking of Jews: dentistry, accounting, 1950's college basketball, international banking, and world media domination, to name just a few. But County Fairs doesn't even make the top 100. That's the domain of tattooed, snaggle-toothed carny people. No Jewish mother ever beamed, "My son the Vomit-Comet Operator."

The flyer advertises Carnival Food. Chances are you've already raced ahead of me on this.

"Step right up, get your boiled chicken on a stick."
"Who wants kreplas? You gotta have kreplas."
"You going into the haunted house? Don't go in there on an empty stomach. You'll plotz. Have some brisket."

I'm sure there will be a lot of kvetching:

"Mr. Ferris Wheel Man could you maybe not make the big wheelie thing spin around so fast, my tontelah Jeffrey has an ear infection."

But I'm also sure great fun will be had by everyone in attendance. After all one of the community partners is the Santa Monica Chiropractic Clinic. And those people know how to throw a bash.

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Ellen November said...

Brilliant. The fact that Malibu is linked to this gig is key. Do I see klezmer music? Backdrop for a real hoe down. I might have to attend this, it's too good to pass up. The jokes are unlimited, you're right.