Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He shoots, he scores

Last week, in my posting about Jesus Camp, I pulled an image from catholicsupply.com. Years ago I stumbled on their site and found all kinds of fascinating Jesus paraphernalia. I had almost forgotten, but that fascination actually sent me to the telephones. That's right, I ordered one of those sports statuettes. (It was an easier time when employment was steady and disposable income was...well, disposable.)

So this weekend I went through the boxes in my garage to locate the errant Jesus Statue. Here is a picture of the Savior, hip-checking the boy in yellow and green and slicing his way through a porous defense to make the winning goal.

As you can see from the site, there were many statues to choose from. But I chose Gretzky Jesus. I'm no hockey aficionado but I do remember why I selected this particular piece.

You see in all the other sports, the Messiah is wearing sandals. But in hockey, he opted to lace up the leather and blades. Leading me to conclude that, while Jesus may indeed be able to walk on water, when that water is frozen, he needs skates.

Just like everybody else.


Ellen November said...

Excellent chochkee.
It makes me wonder why Grimm's Fairy Tales or Aesop was not adopted as a worldwide religion. What is the difference?

Anonymous said...
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